Sponsor a Career Day

Make a Difference

By Sponsoring a Career Day

All the proceeds from "God of My Everyday" will be used by the High School Ministry of Cru, to sponsor and host career day activities and events around the country at local high schools.

In some cases, this may mean hosting an established leader, to come in and speak to a group of students, about pursuing a career, in a particular area, and the role faith can play, in achieving true success in their lives. In other schools, this may take the form, of hosting events, to help inner city students, write resumes and prepare for interviews. In some areas, it may involve bringing in pizza, and delivering an encouraging word to a group of students, to help propel them forward in their lives - to achieve vocational and career success - and lasting success, that comes through faith.

We look forward to reporting in the days and months, ahead, the specific ways that your contributions to making a difference in the lives of young people are materializing.

We invite you to buy a book and consider making a donation to help fund these events, and forever change the life of a young person, and perhaps, a whole youth group, and even an entire school!

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