Our Partnerships

I am very honored to be partnering with Cru High School.  I have been privileged to be involved with Cru for 25 years, and have met some of the finest people I have known through my involvement with this faith-based not-for-profit.

With God of My Everyday, all the proceeds from the “God of My Everyday” book I have written, to a special fund that Cru High School has set, to specifically fund career day events and activities at High School’s around the country that Cru serves.

These career day events and activities will help High School students, especially those in inner city areas, discover and develop career skills and vocational opportunities, that will put them on a solid path to growth and success.  

I have posted a video here, with two missionaries, that are heading the Cru High School Ministry in inner city Minneapolis Minnesota.  They have developed an innovative “I CAN” program, to encourage and equip inner city youth in Minneapolis, that helps them write resumes, prepare for interviews, and discover and refine critical job skills, that we will need for a successful career.  As you’ll hear Dan and Debby share in this video, many of these youth, don’t have parents or role models, that they can look up to – and as a result, don’t have confidence, for the future.  Through this single program, Dan and Debby have involved 40 plus business leaders from their area, to come in and train, encourage and equip these young people to believe in themselves, and prepare for a great future. 

Their story is just one of many of the Cru High School ministries around the country that are forever changing the lives of young people, that are in need of a helping hand. 

Through God of My Everyday I hope to expand the reach of these selfless missionaries, involved in Cru H.S., by providing more funds to be used, specifically for career day events.  Every dollar you donate – either by purchasing a book, a bulk order of books for your youth group, or making a donation to this cause, will go to fund these events, for youth in need of a helping hands.  

I know I have been inspired by so many mentors in my life, and now have the great privilege of working with so many small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, who have achieved great things in their lives.  It is my hope that these leaders will recall a moment, in time that someone reached out a helping hand, or gave a word encouragement, that cheered them on – and will help us do the same here, for H.S. students, particularly those in the inner city, by partnering with us, and Cru High School.  Thank you for your leadership and support of this next generation of future leaders.  With your help, we can make a difference! 

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