Make a Difference

Make a Difference

Leverage Your Life

As leaders, we have an amazing opportunity to impact the next generation, to inspire them to tap into their individual gifts and talents, to find their individual calling in life and to lead a life of fulfillment and purpose. 

For those of us – further on in our journey – who have been privileged to find success in our careers and our lives and lay hold of deeper significance and purpose, we have an amazing opportunity to impact the next generation of leaders.

My appeal to you – is won’t you please join me in some small or big way, to leverage your life, experience and resources to help shape this next generation of future leaders. 

Whether it be simply discovering ways to share your unique story to motivate others in your sphere of influence, refining you own sense of purpose in life, or making a difference in the life of a young person – I want to personally invite you to join me as we journey together to impact this generation and pass the torch to the next generation of leaders.  Listed below, are three ways you can make an impact on the next generation TODAY.

Three Ways to Make a Difference

I’d like to invite you to make a difference today, in the life of a young person – or group of young people.

First, you can purchase a copy of “God of My Everyday”, and the proceeds will be used by Cru, to help fund career day events and activities at local high schools around the country.

Second, if you have a local youth group in your church or area, that you’d like to donate books to, you can do so.  Not only will the purchase of books, help fund events at high schools, but your donation of books to youth in your area or church, will inspire and encourage them to charge up their dreams and aspirations, with a faith that will inspire, guide, and encourage them all days of their lives.

Third, if you’d like to multiply your impact, you can make a donation, to help sponsor a career day, or contribute to a career day event, at a local high school, served by the Cru high school ministry. 

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