Helping Students

Make a Difference in a Young Persons Life

Can you remember a time as a young person that a leader, mentor or respected adult invested their time, talent and resources to help you achieve your dreams and goals?  I can remember MANY! 

Our goal with this site, is to bring together a network of established leaders, to impact the next generation.

Through the site, we are offering several ways for you to do that.  First in purchasing a book, the proceeds will be directed to help fund career development events around the country.  Second, you can purchase books for your local youth group, and not only invest in a young person’s life, but have the proceeds be used to benefit high school students around the country, as described.  Third, if you’d like to multiply your impact, you can make a donation to help fund career events around the country.  The links for all these options are throughout the site.

Would you join me in being a part of a network of leaders that joins together to make a difference in this generation?

Stay tuned for resources to help inspire and motivate YOU – and right now, I want to invite you to purchase one or more of my books – to help make a difference in your life and that of a young person!  

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