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My site is called, Leadership in Action Network because my vision is to build a network of leaders that coalesces together to make an impact in this generation!  In my business, I like to say, there is “strength in numbers” and that certainly holds true, whether it be a non-profit or volunteer group or a large corporation. 

My hope is to inspire you through my personal story and through my blog and video posts that I’ll be posting in coming days and months.

I’ve had the honor of publishing my personal story and journey from success to significance with my dear friends at CRU – my book is called “God of My Everyday” – and in it I share 30 short stories, that span various seasons of my journey – from aspiring young person, to young corporate executive, to senior business leader to entrepreneur!  Through every life phase and situation, these modern-day parables that reflect circumstances and situations that many leaders can relate to and point to the power of faith to transform our everyday challenges and triumphs into milestones of lasting purpose and significance.

God of My Everyday, by Dawn Hynes


In the bustling city of New York, my life as a successful executive felt incomplete, prompting a search for deeper meaning. Through an encounter with the God of My Everyday, my perspective shifted, revealing that true fulfillment resides in a profound relationship with Christ. This revelation sparked a transformative journey, where faith transcended mere ritual and seeped into the fabric of my daily existence.

Join me as I share personal and professional anecdotes, woven together with timeless wisdom from scripture. Whether you’re seeking purpose in the chaos or aiming to deepen your spiritual connection, this book is an invitation to embark on a personal voyage of faith and self-discovery. Experience the unchanging faithfulness of the God of My Everyday and uncover a life where every moment holds significance and every challenge becomes an opportunity for spiritual growth.

God of My Everyday

All proceeds from this book are being directed to the ministry of CRU High School.  The proceeds will be used to fund career development events and activities at local high schools around the country, where Cru has a presence.  These career development events, will help inspire and encourage high school students in their career aspirations, and will reach into many inner-city locations around the country.  These events will also help equip students, with interview skills, resume building and more.  I invite you to join me in partnering to help inspire, uplift and equip the next generation, practically, professionally and spiritually as well.  

I can still remember being a senior in high school and being awarded a scholarship to help defer first year college costs, from a local group of business leaders.  These leaders through their generosity made an indelible impact –one of many- in my young life and helped propel me forward to achieve my dreams.   You can be that leader that helps a young person today.  I thank you for considering partnering – through purchasing a single book, donating books to your local youth group or making a donation today.  

I am honored to be partnering with CRU to advance this vision and mission! 

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